Why Choose Us

At Promotions & Privacy Law LLC (P Squared Law), our mission is simple and client-centric: To help you minimize risks connected with your marketing campaigns and data activities while maximizing their impact. By focusing on your goals and collaborating with you, we provide you with creative solutions that are more feasible, less burdensome, and most relevant to your objectives.

Our Approach & Philosophy

We recognize that today’s marketing clients and in-house counsel are frequently working under tight deadlines and tighter budgets. We employ innovative approaches to developing rules and other legal materials that respect both constraints.

We limit the focus of our practice to the two overlapping practice areas of Promotions and Data Privacy & Security. We do them both extremely well. The flexibility inherent in our boutique practice approach lends itself to efficiency and, most importantly, allows us to prioritize your unique needs to a greater extent than traditional but inefficient legal services relationships.

Our Technology Orientation

Because we love gadgets and gizmos, we integrate technology into our practice to enhance our efficiency. In that realm, we developed a promotions portal to allow clients to securely provide us with essential information (“just the facts”). Rather than navigating lengthy forms and dodging time-draining irrelevant questions, the client responds to logic-based questions with helpful explanations along the way. Our innovative approach saves both client and attorney time by expediting the process of promotion review and rules drafting. (It also soothes our need for geekery)

For Additional Information

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our practice at P Squared Law, we welcome you to contact us.