Simple Strategy #2 – Assemble a great pit crew to keep you on track

Assembling your dream team early will steer you towards success….

Promotions in our connected world rarely focus on single goals or limit themselves to single platforms.

Depending on your objectives, media, and target audience, you may need to draw talent from marketing, digital, sales, IT, legal and even HR.

Don't forget the crew chief! Each of your crew members can have different roles and goals. Getting (and keeping) everyone on the same page is a crucial part of a smooth promotion. From the tire catcher to the meteorologist, each member has their own role. It may seem like you are just directing traffic until you miss a step!

Consider a cross-platform sweepstakes designed to gather survey responses using snail mail, e-mail and online.

  • Marketing has quite sensibly decided to limit entries to 1 per person. That makes perfect sense right? Which team member(s) are responsible for implementing this limit?

  • What about the data collection? Who will oversee the privacy and security issues relating to the creation and maintenance of the new or improved database of leads resulting from this campaign?

  • If the prizes are big enough, you may want a team member from accounting to make sure you have everything you need now to comply with MISC-1099 requirements at the end of the tax year.

  • If something crazy happens to upend things, let’s say, a pandemic, you will appreciate having a good PR point person to maintain a consistent and considered response in coordination with legal and marketing to minimize the risk to your brand.

While it’s not as complicated as a Formula One pit crew, there’s no reason not to have a team that can get you back on track just as smoothly!

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