Data Privacy & Security

At Promotions & Privacy Law LLC (P Squared Law), our data privacy and security practice focuses on information protection of the client’s own data or data entrusted to the client by others, especially in the context of emerging technologies, whether the client is a small nonprofit or a large business enterprise.

Legal Counsel for Data Privacy and Security Issues

Living in a world in which “data is king,” our clients look to us for advice on best practices for safeguarding their realm. At P Squared Law, we counsel businesses of all sizes and shapes on an equally diverse variety of information management, privacy, and security.

For example, we walk clients through the risk assessment process to evaluate potential vulnerabilities of personal data collected from others as well as to their own important information. Whether the risk arises from the safekeeping or processing of third party personal data or from damaged integrity of, or loss of access to, critical company resources, a client-centric approach is the starting point for informed decisions on the most proportionate approach to mitigate potential liability or loss.

As part of risk avoidance, we help companies formulate public-facing and internal policies that relate to privacy, data collection, and cybersecurity. Of course, when a data breach or incident is suspected, we advise clients on its investigation, response, notification, and remediation.

Our Philosophy and Approach

As technology continues to advance, data remains its backbone. In our segmented regulatory environment, digital and technology issues increasingly trigger a wide range of legal issues under a variety of regulatory schemes, including GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and other U.S. and state privacy, consumer protection, advertising, and technology laws across multiple platforms and borders.

We help clients arm themselves with tools such as internal policies and best practices to better protect their brands and their reputations in the face of fluid legislative and regulatory requirements. This approach allows the client to minimize the risk associated with data privacy and security while maximizing the benefits of leveraging data to better meet their objectives.

In the convergent and evolving space of data privacy and marketing, we help enthusiastic adopters of cutting-edge tech, new media, augmented reality, and GPS-enabled/psychographic marketing navigate the unfamiliar and often uncharted legal territory implicated in multi-channel/platform, geographically dispersed marketing and e-commerce initiatives.

Where marketing and information coalesce is where you will likely find us, avidly addressing the breadth of questions that arise, whether in addressing promotions compliance, protecting commercial speech in digital advertising, or offering best mobile marketing practices. You may also find us busily managing social media data expectations or evaluating the ever-fluid and inevitably intriguing questions relating to the evolving Internet of Things.

Of course, when required, we represent clients in disputes arising under federal and state computer crimes laws, electronic eavesdropping, and other privacy and technology-related issues.

For Additional Information

If you have questions or would like to learn more about our data privacy and security practice at P Squared Law, we welcome you to contact us.