Navigating Your Business Through Hazardous Territory

At Promotions & Privacy Law LLC, we work with business and nonprofit clients to ensure the success of promotions and the security of private information. Opportunity and risk go hand in hand. Make sure you are represented by an attorney with proven results in the past, and an eye on the future.

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Promotions & Privacy LLC represents organizations in the structuring, drafting, messaging and fulfillment of promotions, and helps clients plan for and respond to privacy and data issues.


Meet Susan Tillotson Bunch

Susan Tillotson Bunch is the founder of Promotions and Privacy Law LLC (P Squared Law). Susan’s practice focuses on advertising, marketing, promotions, and data privacy and security, especially in emerging technologies. Susan works with clients of all sizes and types and in all marketing media.

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Assembling your dream team early will steer you towards success…. Promotions in our connected world rarely focus on single goals or limit themselves to single platforms. Depending on your objectives, media, and target audience, you may need to draw…
How is a failed promotion like a bad car crash? It’s both fascinating and horrifying, and you feel lucky if you weren’t involved. This blog won’t feature sweepstakes smash-ups to gawk at, but it will help you keep your promotions fr…

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